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Joint moments of wellbeing with loved ones turn a house or apartment into your home. At Vorwerk, we aim to not only manufacture fantastic products, but also to use them to create unforgettable moments – together with others or alone, just for you. That is why we take the individual wishes of our customers into account in everything we do. From the design of the products to inspiring experience demonstrations to our passionate community.

Innovations for
More Quality Time

We love innovations that make everyday life easier for our customers and give them more time for beautiful things. That is why we have developed the first hand-held vacuum cleaner that adapts to your lifestyle and, with Thermomix®, brought a multifunctional kitchen appliance onto the market that continues to set new standards in the field of cooking. Our goal is to continuously improve our products with and for our community and to provide tomorrow’s technology today. That is why we developed the unique suction wipe function for the Kobold and equipped the Thermomix® with an integrated guided cooking function and access to the Cookidoo® recipe portal.

Quality Through
Engineering and Passion

We have been manufacturing household appliances for over 130 years with the aim of always offering our customers the best quality. That is why we not only develop our products ourselves, but also manufacture them in our own production facilities. Every little detail has to be right before a product leaves the factory, and thanks to our love for design, our products can not only shine functionally but also visually in every household. Our more than 120 passionate engineers work every day to continuously improve the quality of our products – so that they will continue to convince at all levels in the future.

Quality Direct Ltd.(Kobold)

Vorwerk Kobold Hungary
Founded in 2002, Quality Direct Kft. has set itself the goal of serving customers in Hungary with a truly quality product. It is essential to ensure a suitable quality of life and maintain a high level of home environment. The products we sell meet these high-level requirements.

We offer healthy, hygienic and the most effective cleaning solutions for your home, be it window cleaning, upholstery cleaning or floor cleaning. However, in order for these words to really convince anyone, our devices must first be seen and tested! That’s why it’s important that everyone can test the effectiveness of our machines in their own homes and experience for themselves what our Ambassadors and consultants are capable of. Our events and open days have been brought to life by the active community of our Ambassadors, so that as many people as possible can become Kobold Lovers in Hungary!

Let’s welcome you to the Kobold community, we look forward to your events or to one of our presentations!

Minikonyha Kft.(Thermomix)

Minikonyha Kft. joined the Vorwerk worldwide community in 2011 as the exclusive official Vorwerk Thermomix Distributor and brought the device to Hungary, about which a famous German star chef said: “the best invention since the fire!”

Our company has set itself the goal of expanding the Thermomix community in Hungary. We would like to convey the knowledge, experience and flavours with which Thermomix can contribute to a better, healthier and experience-filled life in the field of gastronomy.

When choosing the name of our company, we kept in mind that it should be given a name worthy of Thermomix. It was important to give it a name that makes it clear that we are not just talking about a blender here, it is about much more. This is how Minikonyha (Small kitchen) was born! In the last couple of years the Thermomix name has merged with the Minikonyha in our country, which is no wonder, since the 18-function device almost replaces a complete kitchen.

The Thermomix puts home kitchen cooking in a whole new dimension, with this product words are not a convincing tool, but rather a silky soft cream soup made in 10 minutes, a cherry-red homemade ice cream, green pasta made from spinach or an olive bread from the oven.

However, in order for these words to really be able to convince anyone, you must first see and taste the food! This is how our events, cooking classes, experiences held by our consultants came to life, so that anyone can experience a culinary journey through Thermomix that they will never forget and after which they will fall in love with Thermomix.

Welcome to the Hungarian Thermomix community and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our events!

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