Cookidoo 3.0 prices and information


You’ve probably already experienced how easy Cookidoo makes everyday life easier: 

• More than 70,000 international recipes
• New dishes from all over the world
• Choose, plan and prepare the perfect dishes based on filters and preferences
• Organize your favorite recipes and collections
• Be the perfect host in any situation – even now you are familiar with the world of cooking , even a true master chef, we guarantee delicious dishes
• The perfect end result every time with Guided Cooking
• Share your recipes with friends and family
• Endless inspiration through themed pages, articles and videos that make food even more delicious
• Access your recipes anywhere, anytime , phone, tablet, Thermomix TM6 or computer
• Synchronize recipes directly with the Thermomix TM6 or Thermomix TM5 Cook-key add-on

And with Cookidoo 3.0, you can now create YOUR OWN RECIPES . Haven’t tried this option yet? 

Click on the links below to learn more about My Recipes: 

Thanks to the novelty of Cookidoo, the annual membership fee also changes. 

If you subscribe to Cookidoo by January 31, 2022, the first year of Cookidoo membership will only cost you € 36 and the second year after that will only cost you € 48! If you subscribe after 31 January 2022 for your annual Cookidoo membership, the fee for all subsequent renewals will be € 48 per year. 

If you have been using Cooidoo for a long time, you will have until March 31 to decide if you want to use Cookidoo 3.0 in the future, ie access the My Recipes option and other new features that will keep coming. 

Updated Cookidoo’s membership:


Save your “My Recipes” and access all future Cookidoo features! The fee for your next automatic renewal will be € 48.

Cookidoo has not updated their membership:


Cookidoo will remain in the version you know, but you will not have access to “My Recipes” or new features in the future.

✓ New recipes every week
✓ Exciting articles
✓ Custom recipe recommendations ✓
Create your own recipes
✓ Customize Cookidoo recipes to your liking
✓ Import recipes from the community
✓ More new features coming soon


EUR 48 / year from the second year

✓ New recipes every week
✓ Exciting articles
✓ Unique recipe recommendation


36 euros / year