Kobold PB440 electric upholstery brush

Cleans upholstery and mattresses gently and thoroughly

  • Material-friendly cleaning
  • Dust, mite droppings, animal hair or lint have no chance
  • Expandable with the mattress attachments
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers

The easiest way to clean upholstery

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Your highlights of the PB440 electric upholstery brush

Suitable for all upholstered furniture

Brushes rotating in the opposite direction generate vibrations to knock the dirt out of fibres and immediately suck up the loosened dirt. The Kobold PB440 is particularly suitable for reaching gaps in upholstered furniture when cleaning.

Hygienically clean

Allergens such as mite excrement, animal hair and fine dust are loosened by the Kobold PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush and immediately caught again to enable you to have a relaxed and healthy sleep. Only clean your mattress with the mattress cleaning attachments!

Ideal for drivers

The upholstery brush is ideal for your car upholstery thanks to its ergonomic shape: The suction opening on the attachment gives you high suction power for thorough cleaning of upholstery cracks and narrow spaces.

Scope of delivery

Our electric upholstery brush PB440 comes to you as an attachment:

  • 1 Kobold PB440 electric upholstery brush

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