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Vorwerk Kobold appliances have been manufactured in Wuppertal, Germany since 1883, thus guaranteeing the reliable, well-known German quality at home. For Vorwerk Kobold 140/150/200 devices in Hungary, we undertake an additional 5-year engine warranty. This is how we ensure that Kobold’s heart, the engine, always beats for you! Another element and advantage of quality assurance is that we guarantee you that you will be able to obtain all the accessories and parts you need for your device for 20 years after your purchase.

Fortunately, thanks to the reliable German quality, we rarely encounter service problems, 0.0001% of our sales per month is the amount that is turned over in our service, but about 30% of this only requires inspection and maintenance. If you have a service problem, please contact our customer service.

Our address: 2045 Törökbálint, Őrház utca 6.

Telephone: 20/563-20-52

For the sake of your Kobold device, it is important to use only original Vorwerk accessories, as aftermarket parts and dust bags can destroy your device.

As the exclusive Vorwerk Kobold representative in Hungary, we naturally also deal with the service and maintenance of older devices not purchased from us, as well as the supply of spare parts.

Because we want your experience to be good also at this time, our Technical Assistance Service is the easiest and fastest way to request technical assistance. We will direct you to use our courier service and send your kobold on our expense to be serviced so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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