Kobold Technical Assistance

How does it work?

Call Vorwerk
Customer Service

1. Call our Customer Service Department and request Technical Assistance. If our agents consider that it is not possible to solve the incident by phone, they will request your information to activate the Home Collection Service. Telephone: 918 31 19 12 de LV 9-20


Pick Up at Home

2. The transport company will activate the collection service. You will first receive the packaging at home and the instructions for shipping and to activate the collection at home with the transport company.

Shortly after, they will come to your home to pick it up.

In the Hands
of Experts

3. We will take you to our Technical Assistance Service , where our group of experts will evaluate the incident on your machine and propose the repair. If they have questions about how it happened or want to know more about your incident, they will contact you directly.

Informed at All Times

4. Once the diagnosis is made, we will contact you to let you know and explain the next steps. At this point you also decide if you accept the budget in the event that it is finally necessary for the guarantee. It will also be suggested to you if you want us to send you the parts that have been replaced. Once you accept the repair, we will get to work

Welcome back home

5. Once repaired, we notify you and send the device back home, again with the same transport company that picked it up, so that you continue to enjoy the cleaning that only a home like yours deserves as always.

After the process, we would love to hear your opinion about the service, sending you a survey by email, so that you can help us to continue improving.

Additional Warranty Registration

You can claim the additional ‘Vorwerk Garancia +’ guarantee for the purchase of Kobold products here 


Quality Direct Kft.

Headquarters: 2045 Törökbálint, Őrház u. 6.
Company registration number: 13-09-126107
Tax number: 12847240-2-13
Bank account number: CIB 10700440-26815206-51100005
Budapest Bank: 10102244-89155500-01004004
Phone: 06-23-332-490
Mobile: 06-20-563-2052
MANUFACTURER: Vorwerk International Strecker&Co. (CH-8832-Wollerau)
As a seller, Quality Direct Kft. is the exclusive representative of the Manufacturer in Hungary and the importer-distributor of its products.

Quality Direct Kft. determines the warranty period for certain products, accessories, and parts of Kobold sets with a value of HUF 10,000 or more in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Vorwerk Guarentee +

Quality Direct Kft. links the option of the additional warranty written here to additional terms, including online registration.

In case of failure to register online, the Additional Warranty is not valid. The additional warranty must be validated no later than 14 days after the purchase (handover) via online registration, under ‘Additional warranty registration’ on Quality Direct Kft.’s own website. If this deadline is not met, it is not possible to enforce the additional warranty.

Additional warranty period:

I. Vorwerk guarantee+ for COMPANY customers:

In case of purchase of a cleaning machine, if the buyer is not considered a consumer (i.e. the buyer is not a natural person), Quality Direct Kft. undertakes a warranty of up to 12 months regardless of the selling price. To validate this, please fill in your company purchase details on the form below.

II. Vorwerk +5 year suction motor warranty for all new Vorwerk customers: Our company undertakes a 5-year voluntary warranty for Vorwerk customers from the date of delivery for the motor of the new imported Vorwerk VK200 and VB100 devices with the unique hologram identifier named on the Contract / Invoice.
Validation of the additional 5-year engine warranty requires online registration, as well as the fact that the Customer (Buyer) only uses original accessories, dust bags and filters purchased from Quality Direct Kft. you purchase a filter from our Company and validate your repair request exclusively through our Company’s own central service. If any of these conditions are not met, the extra engine warranty cannot be enforced.
Failure to meet these deadlines will result in loss of rights. In case of repair of the consumer product, the warranty period is extended from the date of delivery for repair by the time during which the consumer could not use the consumer product as intended due to the defect.