Kobold VR300 robot vacuum cleaner software update

The software of the Kobold robot vacuum cleaner VR300 is continuously developed and optimized by Vorwerk engineers. We therefore recommend that you always keep the software of your VR300 up-to-date (current version: 4.6.3). There are two ways you can update the robot vacuum cleaner’s software.

1. Update via the App

Download the latest version and install it on the vacuum robot as described below. The easiest way to update the software is via the MyKobold app – you can find it here:

Please make sure that your robot is at the base station. As soon as your robot is connected to the app, you will be asked to update the software directly in the app.

2. Update via USB Adapter

If you are not using the app, you can alternatively download the software (zip file, approx. 15 MB) here:

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What You Need for a Software
Update via USB Adapter

  • Kobold USB adapter

(not included, available in the Kobold online shop)

  • USB stick

(not included in delivery; please use a USB stick with high reading speed / high speed speed, ideally 150MB/sec.)

How it works:
step-by-step instructions

  1. Please make sure that the VR300 is at the base station.
  2. Before you carry out the software update, switch off the VR300 using the start button and restart it.
  3. Pick up an empty USB stick.
  4. Download the current software version and save / extract this file on your computer. 
  5. Save the file folder (directory) “RobotData” on your USB stick.
  6. Open the dust compartment of the VR300 and remove the rubber protection there. The robot’s LED flashes colorfully.
  7. Connect the vacuum robot to the USB stick using the adapter cable. The robot’s LED flashes green.
  8. The update is complete when an acoustic signal sounds and the LED of the robot flashes colorfully again. Note: The process can take several minutes.
  9. Remove the adapter cable and close the cover.

What's New in Version 4.6.3?

In order to be able to use the new features, the latest Kobold robot app or the latest MyKobold app must first be installed on the smartphone / tablet.

  • Renewal of the SSL certificate
  • Control of the robot via the app is possible again
  • Floor plans, zones and no-go lines can be called up again